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What is The Domain Inspiration App?

It's a free web application that lets you find available domains in .com and .net based on your profile information. Simply login via facebook, or fill out your information manually and you'll get back a list of domains you can register now.

How do you get the suggested names?

Our application uses multiple methods for suggesting names. It takes into account your profile information (such as location, career, first and last name) and matches it up with modifiers such as "family" or "fan".

I've found names I want, now what?

Verisign has relationships with over 900 registrars worldwide. Click the "claim" button next to any of your favorites or near the suggested domain. Simply choose your preferred provider and register the domain or domain(s) you like best.

You need to check whether or not any of the names you have chosen are either offensive or might infringe on the rights (including trademark rights) of others.

Will you post to my facebook page without my consent?

Nope, never. While we will provide opportunities for you to share domains you like, we will never auto-publish any activity you make on the app. We use your facebook profile info to provide relevant to domains, not to spam you or your friends.

Thank you for trying out our beta. We look forward to hearing from you and getting your input. Contact Us to send us feedback or to ask questions.

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